Terms of Service

®E-Scholarships USA! is the property of College Guidance Consultants.  This publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in its entirety or in any part, by any means – electronically, mechanically, photocopying, recording -or otherwise shared with any individual, school or organization other than the students and parents of the subscribing school or district.  Violation of this agreement will result in termination of the service and forfeiture of balance of payment from buyer.  If College Guidance Consultants fails to meet its obligation of providing a list of scholarships to the subscriber, the agreement may be terminated by buyer and have the balance of the payment returned.

In accordance with copyright agreement, if you plan to enter the list on your website, we ask you take one of the following steps:

*Create a link to our password protected scholarship list that will be given out only to your students and parents.


*Present the information in a form that is noticeably different from our list and contains no mention of E-Scholarships USA! on the web page.  This would require retyping and editing of the list.

We also ask that those subscribers who have multiple schools to please inform them of this agreement.