About us

College Guidance Consultants is an organization developed by two former counselors in the Houston Independent School District to fill a need they experienced while working with high school students. Shortly after retirement in 2000, they created a partnership for the purpose of locating and posting scholarships in the form of a database to help students, parents, and counselors easily and accurately find and apply for financial help for college. The online list under the umbrella of College Guidance Consultants is called E-Scholarships USA!, and over the past 20 plus years has undergone immense improvement and offers a record number of students throughout the United States a simple means of accessing information from thousands of sources in one concise location. The site also allows for the simple addition of local scholarships. Since its origin, this information has been offered to thousands of students, parents, counselors, public and private schools and school districts.

Now with its new format and user-friendly website, Marilyn Lowry, one of the founders and current owner, will be offering this accurate, current, thorough database to individuals of all ages, as well as parents, high school and college students. Plus, we will also be offering the information to private counselors, consultants, home school parents, teachers and tutors who provide college preparation information to students in other ways. We look forward to this opportunity to serve a greater number of individuals and to provide them a simple method of searching for current scholarships.

Groups and Individuals We Serve With E-Scholarships USA!

  • Schools and School Districts: For 20 years we have focused on serving private, parochial, public schools and school districts of all sizes. Our pricing is reasonable and based upon the size of the school population. If there are multiple high schools in a district, we offer levels of pricing based upon those numbers. Our annual subscriptions begin August 1 and end on July 31 of the school year. We offer pro-rated pricing based upon when the subscription begins. We frequently offer special pricing events and rewards for referrals. We provide password-protected access to counselors or administrators who in turn give the login information to students, parents and staff for 24/7 database availability. See sign up page for further information about pricing.
  • Individuals: We now offer password-protected access to the scholarship database on a subscription basis –monthly or annually- to individual students of all levels, as well as parents or other adult students. See sign up page for further information about pricing.
  • Private counselors, consultants, teachers and tutors: We also now offer password-protected access to the scholarship database as an annual subscription to independent counselors, consultants, and consortiums for college planning assistance, as well as home school pods or organizations, online learning groups or other organizations not considered public, private, parochial or charter schools or districts. We offer pro-rated rates based upon enrollment dates. Annual pricing is based on the number of students served by the individual or group. See sign up page for further information about pricing.

Our History

E-Scholarships, the primary product created and managed by College Guidance Consultants, has been provided on a subscription basis to schools and school districts throughout the United States, for the past 20 years.  The company was created by two former counselors and is currently owned and managed by Marilyn Balke-Lowry, former Director of Secondary Guidance in the Houston Independent School District.  Many of the districts and schools subscribing to our service have been our customers for over 15 years.