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Workshops as well as one-on-one sessions are available to counselors in the areas of job change ( a first counseling assignment, a new location or a new set of responsibilities), organization and planning, resource availability, burnout prevention and healing and/or issues related to students, parents or school staff.

Other workshops are offered in the areas of brain-based learning, bullying prevention, conflict resolution, current drug trends, crisis response and dealing with grief and loss.

The workshops are offered in one half day (3 hr.) or full day (6 hr.) sessions. The inservice programs will be presented by the skilled trainers of College Guidance Consultants, all of whom are experienced school counselors, upon request of districts or schools.

Individual sessions are offered and scheduled upon request of districts, schools or individual counselors.

Contact Marilyn Balke Lowry at 713-907-5454 for more information.


Web page development, design and maintenance is offered to schools, individuals and other internet based businesses.

Contact us at 713-907-5454 for more information