E-Scholarships USA!

Helping counselors and educational institutions find the best financial opportunities for their students.

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High School Counselors and Financial Aid Advisors

Are you looking for scholarships for your students to aid in paying for the ever-increasing cost of a college education?
Would you like to have 24/7 access to a massive database of scholarships?
Would you want the list to be current and easy to read with active links to each of the scholarship sites?
Would you like to access the list on any internet-enabled smartphone or tablet?

E-Scholarships USA! will provide your high school or school district with access to a password protected online list of scholarships for a reasonable yearly fee. This service is an excellent tool for small schools and schools with limited resources. Unlike most scholarship services or scholarship books that provide a one time package, we will give you access to the continually updated list throughout the school year. This will give your students an opportunity to apply for scholarships up to and even after graduation.

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